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International Convention on Business

Seoul National University

Marketing and International Business

April 17-18, 2017


The Samsung Way: The Great Transformation of Samsung after

the New Management Initiative

Dr. Jaeyong Song, Professor, Business School

Seoul National University

(PhD, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Customer Value and Innovation: The Organization Challenge

Dr. Tony C. Garrett, Assistant Professor, Business School

Korea University

(PhD in Marketing, University of Otago, New Zealand)

Korean Business and Management

Dr. Mannsoo Shin, Professor, Business School

Korea University

(PhD in International Management, University of Illinois at


Global Business: Matrix and Future

Dr. Hyung Rok Yim, Assistant Professor, Business School

Hanyang University

(PhD in Economics, Claremont Graduate University – California)

Services Marketing: Growing Importance of Online Service Quality

Dr. Mahmood A. Awan, Chair, Department of Marketing and International Business SOLBRIDGE International School of Business

Woosoong University

(PhD in Business Administration, North Central University – California)

Consumer Decision Making Process

Dr. Wujin Chu, Professor, Business School

Seoul National University

(PhD in Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Creative Management and Value Creation

Dr. Yong-Wook Jun, Dean, College of Business Administration

Sejong University

(PhD, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Help Wanted: Global Entrepreneurs in Asia

Mr. Arnold Chung, Assistant Professor

Kookmin University

(MBA in International Business, Columbia University)

Economics and Entrepreneurship

April 24-25, 2017


Entrepreneurship in Korea

Prof. Tae-Hyun Lee, MBA, Visiting Professor

Dongguk University

(MBA in Finance, Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts)

Implications of Capacity on Decisions

Dr. Iny Hwang, Professor, School of Business

Seoul National University

(Doctorate in Management, University of Texas at Dallas)

Social Entrepreneurship

Mr. Byung-Ik Jung, MBA, Visiting Professor

SOLBRIDGE International School of Business

Woosong University

(Master in Business Administration, INSEAD)

Mobility, Collaboration, and Acquisition of New Capabilities: Short-term Entrepreneurial Projects in the Japanese Television Animation Industry

Dr. Sahangsoon Kim, Associate Professor, School of Business Administration

University of Seoul

(PhD in Management and Organization, University of Southern California)

What is Supply Chain Management?

Dr. Minkyun Kim, Associate Professor, Business School

Sogang University

(PhD in Management, The State University of New York at Buffalo)

Entrepreneurship Marketing

Mr. Todd Sample, CEO and Co-Founder

Sample and Park Consulting

The Structure and Current Issues in International Economics

Dr. Young-Han Kim, Professor, Business School

Sung Kyun Kwan University

(PhD in Economics, Indiana University)

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