2020 EdukCircle Series of International Conventions

The EdukCircle breaks geographical boundaries as we hold this year's Series of International Conventions via Zoom. This event endeavors to bring together students and academicians from across Asia and the Pacific region. 

Various topics on tourism and hospitality will be discussed by among globally respected academicians in this field.  Challenges faced by the hospitality industry in this time of global health crisis will be one of the topics as Dr. Jukka Laitamaki of New York University will give us his take on the future of travel and tourism.

To discuss hospitality branding is Dr. Chekitan S. Dev, professor at the SC Johnson College of Business, Cornell University. He is an internationally renowned thought leader and leading expert in hospitality branding. His works have been presented at the most prestigious hospitality schools in the world like Harvard, Wharton and Oxford.

We have the best line up of speakers for this year.

Tourism and Hospitality

An Online Event

October 03, 2020


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