EdukCircle Series of International Conventions 


The 10th EdukCircle Awards


P50,000 - 1 Convention and EdukCircle Awards

P100,000 - 3 Conventions and EdukCircle Awards

P150,000 - 6 Conventions and EdukCircle Awards

  • Inclusion in all promotional materials: video plugs,

      art cards (to be released on social media)

  • Posting of logo on registration pages

  • Acknowledgement in the opening and closing

       billboard of the convention

  • Inclusion of logo at the backdrop during

       host's spiels/intros

  • Brand transition between speakers

  • Acknowledgement in the opening and closing billboard

       of the EdukCircle Awards

  • Brand transition between awardees' messages

  • 10-minute branded breakout (for promotion or games)

  • 10 event tickets

  • Inclusion in all congratulatory posts by the EdukCircle

  • Inclusion in all post-production materials

       (website articles and  social media posts)

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